10 Amazing things about today 30/12/2011
1. My best friend Natalie came down today. We had an amazing time.
2. I bought these amazing socks, I could not resist baby socks in halloween style.
3. I had a great chat with my mum this morning that made me feel so content with the way my life is going and how I am planning my life.
4. Its 11 sleeps until Aaron and I get on our first plane together and go to Melbourne for a mini holiday in a five star hotel.
5. I finally vacuumed, and organised dinner.
6. I bought a burkes backyard magazine yesterday and read it today and now know why my basil died.
7. I’m feeling so happy with the courses I want to do and know how I want to go about my occupation.
8. Nat and I were gangstas in my wagon and had westside connection up loud.
9. I woke up early and stayed awake, which makes me feel more vitalised than usual.
10. I am staying home for New Years and don’t feel guilty about letting people down and not drinking.
11. I am adding an extra one, I am so happy with not drinking and not feeling the need to assimilate into it just because people around me do :)