Dorm Decor Ideas | Babble
I know I have a few college students following me (hello! Hope it’s all going well!) plus I’m sure there are those of you who share a house who would love to get some tips on how to decorate your room to maximise the whole area. I adore this room - especially that painting above the bed! There are lots of tips and inspiring images for you to check out here, hopefully some that will help you too!

Faux Bois Vase | Centsational Girl
Oh my gosh, I thought that these vases were so much more complicated than they actually are! I love anything faux bois but more often than not it is quite expensive (and hard to find). This look is achieved by using sealant to draw the design, then spray paint over the top to create the ceramic look. Now that my cat has eliminated another vase, I’m looking for new ones so I think this is going to go on my DIY list!
Day 10: something I made, in the process of making a crocheted garland with crocheted hearts :)
Day seven: something new (Taken with instagram)
I went and stole some rosemary from someones garden, I put up my spices and put chalkboard paint on the fronts. I also got these cute tags from typo for .50c