Manly aquarium :)
Bored (Taken with instagram)
Taken with instagram
On the plane :)
My mother and I are sexy!
We’re just so attractive, I look a little special in this photo hahah
Went out with Felicity yesterday, went and posted Mermaid Killer orders. :)

Click through for the MK website!

Today I shot Miss Alex for Mermaid Killer!
She is also rocking Rockeresque Beauty Company’s “Little Lamb” eye shadow!
Day two: What I wore
Confession: I may not be stick thin, or the perfect height. I may have muffin tops, a booty and curves, I may have stretch marks and have one boob slightly bigger than the other, I may have scars and pimples, but I’m happy. I am happy in my skin. Sure, I have down days where I wish my body was different, but then I think, fuck I’m blessed to even have arms, legs, toes, fingers and anything else other people are not able to use/have. I am blessed to have my health, to be able to walk, see, hear and think. I am blessed to be able to support myself without the help of someone else. My body supports me, and allows my soul to have happiness and life. I am grateful for it and try to treat it as my temple, like it deserves. I accept myself in the form that I am.
Day one: “self portrait”