Got my hair in a big creepy wrap, need to make out like I have lots of brain for my exam today. ☕ (Taken with Instagram)
Started my job at jb Hifi
Not in the mood for college, especially not with the shitty rain that’s inevitably going to ruin my hair (Taken with instagram)
New hurrrr
This should not be allowed to be sold, putting animal placenta in your hair. What the fuck
Me by Alex Brunton (
Waiting for my hair to dry :|
This is me on a fine sunny winters day, about to go to the post office and get dye.
Hiyaaaaa, This is me, drinking my mothers “green smoothie” consisting of lettuce, mandarin, orange, and kiwi fruit and water. About to take my brothers to school and go opshopping with mummy dearest.
Hello late night tumblrs, this is me :)