Got my hair in a big creepy wrap, need to make out like I have lots of brain for my exam today. ☕ (Taken with Instagram)
Dying from some cold thing, and put purple and pink through my hair! Yay for coloured hair again ❤ (Taken with Instagram)
Started my job at jb Hifi
Just a casual Friday night with locked back and neck muscles. (Taken with instagram)
Stupid fucking day (Taken with instagram)
My interview attire 👗🎀👑 (Taken with instagram)
Manly aquarium :)
My cute new noodle bowl :) done by Lauren Winzer . Love it way too much! (Taken with instagram)
coral lips and snoop dogg
My tongue creeps me out (Taken with instagram)
What up? just entertaining myself on the plane.
Coffee time!
Good-bye 2011, you will not be missed! Happy to bring in 2012 sitting on the couch watching ‘friends’ and sewing after eating a shit tonne of Indian. 2012, bring me a new Uni course, a pet bird, excitement and money and beautiful gardening escapades, travels and DIY’s… Please. 😘 (Taken with instagram)