Dying from some cold thing, and put purple and pink through my hair! Yay for coloured hair again ❤ (Taken with Instagram)

I really miss my coloured hair.

☁☁ Cold winter day baths. ☁☁ (Taken with instagram)

why is my vegetarian sausage whistling at me in the oven?

11. May 2012

I think it wants me to come closer, NO SAUSAGE YOU ARE NOT COOKED YET!

In a relationship you want someone who doesn’t want to live without you, but can.
Someone that doesn’t depend on you, but is stronger with you.

1st of march, I hope this is my month. 🐚 (Taken with instagram)
My lil brothers a pimp with the turtles. (Taken with instagram)
My cute new noodle bowl :) done by Lauren Winzer . Love it way too much! (Taken with instagram)
Beautiful storm, new plants to be re potted and about to cook dinner while watching friends. Beautiful night.. Almost :)

Once, when I was in Malaysia with my family, we were in this restaurant called ‘Uncle Sams’ or something, and a huge motherfucking rat ran straight through the restaurant into the kitchen… then out came our black bean dessert. It looks exactly like rat poo, needless to say I did not eat it all…

The Stargazer, self portrait. by Alex Brunton (click through for link)

This is my good friend Alex Brunton, he is an amazingly talented photographer and has been photographing for basically as long as i can remember. It is his passion and I have never known someone to be so dedicated and enthusiastic about something for as long as he has. So be ready for a spam of his photography.

(via alexbrunton)